Talk Talk woes

I've never been a big fan of Talk Talk, they've had some incredibly low scores for customer service in the past and speaking to their tech department has always been difficult.  My ISP of choice has always been Pipex for business class connections because of their superb service and connection speed. Pipex were really one of the pioneers of the Internet in the UK and their connections were the first choice for many businesses.   Saldy times change, and my Pipex connection which is some fifteen years old has gone from Pipex, to Tiscali (not so good) to Carphone Warehouse (bit worse again) to Opal (slightly better) to Talk Talk (dreadful) and I'm now really suffering with poor connection speed and lag at peak times, so sadly the time to change has arrived.

I had a connection failure last week which was the last straw; I can accept that problems do happen when you're dealing with something as complex as a broadband connection, so I went through the normal troubleshooting steps: reboot my router, reboot the router again, check ip links to the router, check the phone line was working, make a call out, make a call in, check the adsl carrier signal on the line.... All fine!  So that identifies the problem as being within the Talk Talk network, and that means I've got to phone Talk Talk.  I sat in a phone queue for 35 minutes waiting to talk to the tech team, and when I finally spoke to someone it took another 25 minutes to get through their security clearance, including giving them my personal details some dozen times or more.  I'm not going through airport security, I'm just trying to fix a fault, but still they keep asking the same questions and going round and round in circles because that's what the script on their computer told them to do.  60 minutes into a call on an 0870 number, I'm sure you know the score.  Eventually I get to speak to a someone on their tech team and they insist that I go through the same troubleshooting steps again with them on the phone, so there wastes a further 20 minutes and they then accept liability for the problem and start trying to blame BT.  I'm sure BT are not at fault because next doors BT connection is still working fine. Then they blame the bad weather and snow affecting my exchange.... I don't seem to remember any snow drifts over Colaton Raleigh in the last few months.

They log a fault with their engineers and 12 hours later it's fixed and I'm online again, but by this point I've lost a whole day's work on Website Projects and I couldn't even do anything in the workshop because everything was waiting for driver downloads or Microsoft updates.  Thanks Pipex, oh wait I mean, Tiscali, I mean Carphone Warehouse, I mean Opal.

So there we have it: another fantastic service totally destroyed by Talk Talk.  It's what they do best, take over a perfectly good company and break them.  They are the Borg of the telecom world.  Assimilate...

BT seem to have come full-circle in recent years, they always used to be the market leader in the late 90s and early 2000s but over the last year I've had really good performance from customers BT connections, so I think it might be time to switch back to a BT line.  I'll let you know how it goes!

New site nearly finished

Well after a final push on the portfolio my new site is ready to go live.  Hopefully the next blog will be on the live site and not this development server.  See you on the other side.....

Brand New Website

Okay, my first blog feed didn't go too well, I've been telling my website customers for years how important their blogs are but I've let mine go to pasture.... So I've spend the last few days building a nice new website so I hope to keep the blog up to date with news and information about what I'm up to and also some helpful hints and tips to keep your IT in tip-top condition!

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Watch out soon for that promised Virus Protection Blog....

Cheers, Al

On-Call over the Christmas Week

Many companies are downing their tools over the Christmas period, but not me! I'm available for support calls and emergency call-outs over the Christmas break, and please call even if you don't think you're an emergency case as I may have space available between two other call-outs.

Merry Christmas!


Great response to £200 Website offer

I've had a great response to my CMS website special offer at £200, infact I'm almost at capacity now until after the New Year.  There is another mailing going out to local businesses this week so if you want a new site for 2012 then you'll need to be quick.

Next Blog I'll chat about Virus Protection.... it's essential!

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